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Soldering torches. Ignition: piezo

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Tank volume, ml:20
Body material:plastic
Set for autonomous soldering INTERTOOL GB-0012Set for autonomous soldering INTERTOOL GB-0012
Rating (3.50 , assessments - 4)
Body material:
Volume: 0,013120
Weight: 1,800 kg
Length: 23 (without nozzles) mm
Ignition: piezo
Hours of battery life: 30–60 min
Flame temperature: 1200/680/550 ºC
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Micro-burner, 20ml with a piezo firing INTERTOOL GB-0011Micro-burner, 20ml with a piezo firing INTERTOOL GB-0011
Rating (3.83 , assessments - 6)
Body material: plastic
Volume: 0,000936
Tank volume: 20 ml
Fuel type: Liquefied gas, butane
Weight: 0,325 kg
Flame adjustment: yes
Ignition: piezo
Temperature: 1300 ºC
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