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Invertors. Power consumption: 5300

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Power consumption, W:450053006500700071009600
Welding current, A:30-160
Electrode diameter, mm:1.6-4
Inverter 230 V, 5.3 kW, 30-160 A INTERTOOL DT-4016Inverter 230 V, 5.3 kW, 30-160 A INTERTOOL DT-4016
Rating (4.14 , assessments - 7)
Power supply voltage: 230 V
Power consumption: 5300 W
Welding current: 30-160 A
Electrode diameter: 1.6-4 mm
Package contents: welding mask;
wires with terminals;
shoulder belt;
brush for cleaning welds and slags
Warranty period: 12 months
Weight: 10,000 kg
Volume: 0,040000
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Потребляемая мощность 5300 ВтПараметры электропитания