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Oscillating sprinklers. Number of holes: 19

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Number of holes, pcs:1920
Maximum watering area, sq m:240300
Oscillating sprinkler INTERTOOL GE-0084Oscillating sprinkler INTERTOOL GE-0084
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Operating pressure: 2-4 bar
Maximum watering area: 240 sq m
Number of holes: 19 pcs
Weight: 0,646 kg
Volume: 0,004809
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Oscillating sprinkler INTERTOOL GE-0086Oscillating sprinkler INTERTOOL GE-0086
Rating (3.00 , assessments - 1)
Screen filter: yes
Cleaning needle: yes
Maximum watering area: 300 sq m
Water pressure adjustment: yes
Number of holes: 19 pcs
Operating pressure: 2-4
Weight: 0,771 kg
Volume: 0,005349
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